CFTC Stellantis

We have digitized a national level union

As part of the digital transformation of Stellantis France sites, the CFTC union of the group has decided to modernize its processes by providing its members with an application that allows them to communicate more effectively.

A multinational known to all French people

Stellantis (formerly Groupe PSA), is a multinational automotive group resulting from the merger of Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Today, the group operates and markets fifteen automotive brands worldwide.

1. Context

As part of the digital transformation of Stellantis sites in France, the CFTC union of the group wishes to provide its members with an application allowing them to access information and published leaflets.

This allows the union to reduce waste and emissions associated with printing leaflets while increasing its visibility among all Stellantis employees, whether they are members of the CFTC union or not.

2. Our Solution

Creating a dedicated mobile application for the CFTC union will increase its visibility, whether among its existing members or all group employees.

This application will not only serve an internal role by providing the union with a modern communication channel but will also allow it to convey its message and vision to potential future members.

Adapting to Geographic Constraints

The Stellantis group owns 16 sites in France, spread across the entire territory. Although all sites are part of the same group, they operate independently. Therefore, the application must allow:

  1. A global management level
  2. A localized management level for each site
  3. Each user to select their affiliated site.

L'application ainsi que son interface d'administration

Creating a Simple and Intuitive Experience

One of the key objectives of the CFTC Stellantis France application is to provide a simple and intuitive experience to make its use natural and enjoyable.

To achieve this, we developed the application using Flutter and Firebase technologies, both endorsed by Google, for unparalleled smoothness and security.


  1. Rated 5/5 on app stores
  2. 16 Stellantis sites referenced
  3. 1,200 articles and leaflets published

Type de projet
Project Type
New App
Tech stack
Tech stack
Flutter, Firebase